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About Tracy 

Tracy#2pic---CopyTracy Visits understands time is a precious commodity. So Tracy Visits gives that GIFT of time. Tracy Visits helps families by giving time to their loved ones when their life gets too busy and/or distance is too great to travel. Sometimes families need a break and time away; understandably during the trying times of hospice and/or during the first onset or late stages of Alzheimer and dementia. I have lived all of these scenarios and this is part of why Tracy Visits was developed.

Another part of why Tracy Visits was developed is because of the continual question of, “can we just sit and visit” when I worked with an in-home care company. This request of having me just sit and listen/visit was a constant ask from those clients that I saw on a regular basis. From the client in a hospice bed and looking at pictures on a sheet hung on his bedroom wall for 2 hours to the Alzheimer clients that just needed constant conversation, to the widow who was never alone and lonely after losing her spouse of 63 years; everyone needs social interaction in whatever form it is. I feel everyone deserves time. I feel time is a gift and if it is conversation, holding their hand, praying, singing, playing cards, reading or just sitting quietly; time is a true gift that Tracy Visits is based on. Prior to my time working with this in-home care company, I have always enjoyed stories and wisdom from the elderly people I have been in contact with. From an early age visiting relatives and family friends in their homes to becoming an adult and visiting loved ones in care facilities. The idea of a “good old” visit is seeming to become a lost gift. A gift in that taking the time to just sit and visit a person gives them time to share their life experiences and memories. Taking the time to visit gives the listener the chance to enjoy learning about their travels, jobs, families, education and culture.  I treasure the stories and songs I was blessed enough to hear from my grandparents, aunts, uncles and dear family friends. Tracy Visits is passionate about the visits and what it helps create for whatever type of client.  The stories, the hugs, the smiles and relationships made cannot be measured monetarily.  It is seeing the client smile, whistle, laugh, sing, and light up when a visit is starting…. These are true measures of what Tracy Visits is dedicated to creating.

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