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Q: What type of services do you provide?
A: Tracy Visits provides a caring and compassionate visit for loved ones, at their care facility. Tracy Visits is either a 60 minute visit or a 90 minute visit. Conversation, reading, playing a game, or singing are some of the things Tracy Visits offers.

Q: Will you visit my mom in her home?
A: Not at this time. Tracy Visit is set up for in care facility visits only. Due to complexities with insurance regulations, in home visits are not possible at this time. Tracy Visits hopes to have this capability in the future.

Q: Will you visit my dad five days a week??
A: It would be nice if that was possible; however, Tracy Visits feels keeping visits to one or two times a week allows the client time to reflect between visits and look forward to the next visit with more anticipation. With all the clients Tracy Visits has, unfortunately there aren’t enough hours in a week to have five times a week visits.

Q: How do I start Tracy Visits services??
A: Contact Tracy Visits at 612-791-0133 or email Tracy Visits at and we will set up a time to meet, set up the visit creation and get the visits started.

Q: My uncle’s schedule is very sporadic everyday; can he be schedule for different times each week?
A: Yes, Tracy Visits sets up pre-scheduled times to visit; we just need to know what time of day works best for the client and get those times on Tracy Visits calendar.

Q: Can you help my parent with their medications?
A: Tracy Visits is a social service, helping with medications is not a service we offer, we are not insured for this type of service.

Q: Will you do any meal preparation and/or light house work?
A: Tracy Visits focuses on the social needs of clients, meal preparation/house work is not a part of this service.

Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes, Tracy Visits is fully insured.

Q: Do you provide references?
A:  Yes, Tracy Visits will provide references when they are requested.

Q: Will you provide evening visits/what hours do you visit?
A: Tracy Visits works with the families and clients to set visit times that work best for the client. Evening visits are available. Tracy Visits currently works Monday-Thursday.

Q: Can I follow up with Tracy Visits to see how the visit went with my parent?
A: Tracy Visits emails a visit summary to the primary contact within 24 hrs after each visit.

Q: Can Tracy Visits drive my parent to the store or other errands?
A: Tracy Visits insurance does not allow driving clients anywhere.

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