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What Our Clients Are Saying

We really feel like you are making a difference in Dad's quality of life. Thank you. so much: Tracy was recommended to our family 5 months ago and we signed up for visits twice a week with our father who is in a memory care unit. Dad has mid-stage Alzheimer’s and has been in the memory care unit for over a year. We really feel that there has been a change in Dad since Tracy started to visit and his caregivers also feel that Dad is smiling and interacting more than before she started to visit. She sends a summary of her visit with my Dad within a day of the visit and describes what they did, what they talked about and how Dad seemed. She often sends along pictures and videos of Dad. As we live in 4 different states this really is a nice part of the service and make us feel still connected to our father. We also forward the reports, pictures and videos to his brothers and sisters. They comment all the time about how much they appreciate the reports and that they can see and hear their brother again. Tracy really seems to know how to talk to Dad to get the most out of him and we have learned so much about communicating with him from her reports. Often, he surprises us with things that he remembers in conversations with her. Things that we thought he had forgotten, it gives us glimpses of the Dad we knew, it is such a gift. She tells us when the visit didn’t go well, and grasps the subtleties of the disease, which we appreciate. We know that not everyday is a good day but she has patience and perseveres with him. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate Tracy’s visits with our father. We would recommend her service whole heartedly to anybody.


Family of Bob F.

I was given Tracy's name by chance through conversation of a physical therapist of my Dads. I live in FL and my Dad is in MN and really wanted my Dad to have a professional service come to visit with him, to go for walks and play games on rainy days and just have someone outside of his place to visit with. I called Tracy while I was in MN and she came over to meet me and my Dad. Tracy was bright, cheery, has the best laugh and made my Dad feel very comfortable and right at home. So their journey began!
Going on the 4th month now and WHAT A DIFFERENCE TRACY has made by visiting my Dad. My Dad is more happy, less irritable and carries better conversation. I always call my Dad to remind him "Tracy comes today" he says" I'm Ready!!" Having these visits is the highlight of each week for my Dad and he always says he had a great time and he loves Tracy's laugh and their conversations and adventures.

I am also finding out more about my Dad and the stories and talks that they share. When I get my weekly report and read them, I am like wow, I never knew some of this stuff, stories of friends, family, and things my Dad did. I save all the reports !!
I am so lucky to have found Tracy for my Dad. Thank You Tracy !!  

Laurie H. 

Tracy does an outstanding job working with our mother. We highly recommend her to visit and work with elderly residents. She not only comes in and provides companionship for our mother, but her unique style of active engagement with elderly clients has helped slow the degenerative nature of our mother’s Alzheimer symptoms. Her kindness has helped our mother immensely with her transition into widowhood.  Tracy gets our mother out of her room and they work on activities that stimulate her mind through simple games, crafts, coupon cutting or just walking and talking. Tracy encourages our mother to tell stories from her youth and married years.  Without Tracy’s visit, our mother would avoid engagement with other residents and stay nested in her room. We are sincerely grateful for her service.

Kent & Michele Madsen

Tracy, in my professional opinion, You have made an absolutely wonderful difference for our resident you are visiting.  Our resident is now engaging with other residents, other residents are engaging in return, and our resident is acknowledging staff in a more appropriate manner. The resident's over-all demeanor and attitude has improved significantly.  I feel your positive influence, encouraging and positive approach and time spent one on one with our resident is the single most positive influence that contributed to this improvement.  Thank you for being such a wonderful support person.  We look forward to having you help more of our residents in the future!  Respectfully, 

Shelley McDonald, Executive Director
Rose Arbor & Wildflower Lodge

"It is now January 2017.  When I go back and read what I had in the previous testimonial two years ago I can hardly believe how much time has passed.  Dealing with an aging parent has been the greatest challenge of my adult life.  I am still using Tracy and I rely on her.  After an accident sent my father to the hospital I increased the amount of time I have Tracy coming to visit with my father.  She now visits twice a week instead of once a week and she stays for 90 minutes each time rather than the 60 minutes when she first began.  She visits with my dad each time she comes.  They play card games, they visit, my father tells her about his life.  Her updates give me a greater insight into my father’s life past and present.  He shares with her things I never knew about my parents growing up.  They have developed their own relationship and I let them have that so my father can have something of his own.  While my father makes my life incredible difficult without even realizing it, having Tracy's service is a blessing.  I have another female carer who comes and I have another man, who is closer to my dad's age, that comes once a week.  And of that support network, Tracy is the one that I trust the most because of her consistency, her updates and that I just generally have faith that she will always do the right thing.  I feel lucky because I know that my dad will open the door for Tracy when he knows she is coming."

Phil Ruble

"My dad was very reluctant about this whole concept of having a stranger come in and visit, but Tracy has absolutely won him over.  My dad has become very isolated and it’s a huge comfort having Tracy coming by not only to help fill his time but to get him laughing and talking.  I really appreciate the follow-up information Tracy provides.  Not only do I know how things went in general, but I often end up reading in her notes some story he’s shared with her that I’d never even heard before.  I’m grateful that my brother decided to try using Tracy Visits – it’s been a real godsend having Tracy be part of my dad’s weekly routine."

Pat Ruble

""Our family had the honor of working with Tracy during the last year of my parents’ lives.  “Tracy Days” became the highlight of mom’s and dad’s week.  Her companionship and caring attitude brought joy and comfort to them.  Whether it was playing cards, looking at old pictures together or enjoying coffee and cookies, the time Tracy spent with my parents was uplifting for them.  When my father passed away, Tracy’s visits gained a new special meaning as her compassion and tenderness helped my mother through her early days as a widow.  She continued as my mother’s part-time companion until her death a few months later.  As a full-time working woman, my time to visit my parents was limited, but knowing Tracy was there on a regular basis to make their days brighter brought me peace of mind.  Tracy kept a direct line of communication open so I was always aware of developments with my parents.  It is my pleasure to recommend Tracy as a first-class companion.  Your life and the lives of your loved ones will be richer for working with Tracy Visits. "

Judy (Willemarck) Mellesmoen

"My name is Philip Ruble and I started using Tracy Visits as a service for my 83 year old father in September 2015.  Currently Tracy Bye is coming to my visit my father once each week.  I wish it were more!  Tracy Visits service provides someone for my father to visit with as an outside party.  My mother passed away five years ago and my father is still living with a broken heart.  He is too proud to ask friends for their time and has become more and more introverted.  A once daily exerciser my father has taken to sititng and watching TV or sometimes just staring out the window.  He is paralyzed by fear to take initiative of his own life.  I’ve tried several things - signing him up for a book or card club but eventually he gives up.  I am in the process of trying to make my own career change in midlife and am two classes short of receiving my masters degree in a new field.  But my father’s personal affairs and working take up so much of my time its like I’m around the house but with very little time to socialize with him.  The lack of social interaction in his life has over time started to affect his cognitive abilities.  I feel as though this service is vital for him.  He fought it very hard at the beginning but slowly over time i know, although yet to admit it, that he looks forward to Tracy coming each week.  That generation doesn’t do things like going to see a therapist.  That is too foreign for them.  Tracy reminds me of family friends growing up.  She is always on time and the minute I open the door she is full of good cheer.  In fact, I like to sit and talk to Tracy and the time we’ve spent visiting I actually enjoy.  We talk about books and children and growing up in Minnesota and just about anything really.  It is almost to the point now where I can tell my father feels like I’m interrupting their time if I come into the room and enter into their conversation.  I love that Tracy provides me with feedback after each visit.  It not only gives me information about the general visit but it allows me to be able to have discussions with my other siblings about our father and his wellbeing.  Tracy is a good conversationalist.  She doesn’t struggle to make conversation and I know she truly enjoys it. I feel better just knowing she is there.  Tracy is a great person.  I trust her.  She is ethical.  She believes in family and is a caring person.  She has varied interests herself and I find her an interesting person."

Phillip Ruble


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